Patek Philippe Nautilus Vs Vacheron constantin – Competition in Sport Style

Sport watches come from human’s pursue in the better life and extreme sports. As the top brands in the watch field–Patek Philippe and Vacheron constantin, they have their own explanation in sports style watches, and among their sport watches, the most famous are nothing but Patek philippe Nautilus and Vacheron constantin Overseas. Nautilus is both a good watch for sports as well as for many casual or formal occasion, so when they comes together, then what will happens? As a sport watches, they are fitted with a basic functions–chronometer. SO let’s take a look at their performance.

Vacheron constantin’s chronograph was the great feat in the 1980’s mechanical watches resurgence. It created the first chronograph in 1917. Since then, it keeps rolling out various chronographs, and become a fascinating brand in the world. Being different from Vacheron constantin, Patek Philippe had its first chronograph between 1922 to 1923, but early in 1902 Patek Philippe developed a rattrapante system and then applied it to the first chronograph. Rattrapante system comes more complex than a normal watch as it can record from two different points. Of course Nautilus has rattrapante. Vacheron constantin Overseas 49150/B01A-9745 was rolled out in 2-12 Basel Watch fair and there is another rose gold edition. Vacheron constantin Overseas 49150/B01A-9745 is made of stainless steel while which has great performance on resisting abrasion and solidness and is the best material that could be applied to the sport watches. What’s more, stainless shines a lot as it is polished.

Generally speaking, they are both sport watches, and have their own ideas on watches. Vacheron constantin replica goes a different way; you can dive with it but it is not suitable for the formal occasion, such as a banquet. So it is born to be a good sport watch.In terms of its movement, 1137 is inferior to 28-520. Simplicity features its design, presenting the same style.

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