ROLEX Datejust 179136-G-84136 Mechanical Lady Watch

Maybe for some people, they may think that Rolex watches are only suitable for men, and only men are affordable to buy Rolex watches and are important to have Rolex watches. Actually they are wrong, watches, especially the Rolex watches, are also essential for ladies today to be an accessory to enhance their charm and temperament if the lady get the right one to wear on their wrist!

ROLEX Datejust 179136-G-84136 Mechanical Lady Watch
This is a famous watch embodying the spirit of the culture and wealth; this watch is a new favorite in the watch industry, gathering in luxury and fashion, and can reflect the technology and fashion of the new era. For the ROLEX Datejust 179136-G-84136 Mechanical Lady Watch, it is featuring self-winding mechanical watch movement, and platinum watch case in the diameter of 26mm and the thickness of 6mm, the untransparent watch bottom, blue sapphire crystal glass table mirror, watch strap of silver color, folding buckle and 100 meter waterproof.

For Rolex watch, it has extremely high investment value and collection value, and you are highly suggested have good daily care on your watch, one there appears scratch, you can consider the polishing method to save it. Generally speaking, the old watch after such complex professional cleaning, generally can turn to new for more than eighty percent. For those nicks, sag of serious site, only by polishing is unable to restore the edges when came out of factory, and you will need to use the laser welding technology, through the dedicate polishing in later days to fully meet the factory level.

Honor is still noble before, maybe you can as well as experience the feeling of a new lease on life from the process of polishing of your Rolex watch, and let their own time from this moment to row, when everything is a good start.

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