Cute Onesie Animal Costumes For Toddler

Those who love dressing up as animals will find that Halloween is a great time to shop for unique and stylish onesie animal costumes. These cute, funny, adorable outfits are sure to make any child the center of attention at any Halloween party. The best part is, they don’t cost a lot of money to put on. In fact, it’s not even difficult to create your own ones animal costumes!

Cute Onesie Animal Costumes For Toddler
For a really inexpensive option, consider making your own baby onesie animal costumes! All you’ll need is an extra large pair of plastic scrubs Mickey Mouse Kigurumi Onesie an old shirt, a few beads, some thread and the ability to sew! This is a great activity for mothers who are expecting, because it helps them to bond with their baby. Here’s how to make these fun onesie baby outfits:

First, you’ll need a pair of pajamas. Make sure that they fit you well, because there’s no way to measure the newborn onesie clothing for adults. Measure across the chest from neck to bottom; the measurements for the pajamas should be taken after the baby is born, while the toddler is still inside the pajamas. These newborn clothing pieces will be the foundation for your homemade ones animal costumes. Use pins to hold the legs in place while making the first few stitches.

Next, choose a cute animal costume to crochet. It’s easier to crochet something when it’s cute and cuddly, rather than it is when it is too heavy. One easy costume to crochet is the onesie kigurumi. This particular costume is made out of a yellow and black cotton fabric, used to create the body and two small buttons on each side of the shirt for the head. The shirt can also be used to wear the kigurumi on, when the toddler is wearing it.

To create the kigurumi, simply put one button on the shirt and one peg into the bottom front pocket. Sewing the two pieces together will give the finished costume a cute quilted look. Drape the costume over the newborn onesie, making sure to secure the material into the fabric with pins or needles.

If you don’t want to sew the outfit, you can use a baby blanket to slip over the kigurumi to keep it in place. Making your own onesie animal costumes is a great way to spend just a bit of time with your child, because it lets them explore their creative sides. They can be dressed up in animal costumes such as cowgirls and cowboys for Halloween, or any other theme that you might want to try. When you’re finished with making one, let your child proudly take it to the local baby store, where it is sure to be a huge hit.

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